Data Services

We are here to help you unlock value from the data you capture through inphota. From hyper-targeted media buying to bespoke research studies, our team of specialists are on-hand to provide support in achieving your objectives.

media buying

inphota provides a media buying consultancy to complement the marketing efforts of organizers listing events with us.

By feeding customers’ on-site behavioural data as well as first-party data captured from the photography surveys into inphota’s proprietary machine-learning powered profiling engine, we are able to significantly grow our partners’ events by advertising to brand new audiences that display similar online behaviours to our micro-segments.

This means they are much more likely to sign up for the event, and we can target them with bespoke creative to further optimise the conversion funnel.

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bespoke research studies

Go beyond an understanding of what motivated your participants to attend your event and work with us to develop a bespoke research study on behalf of your key stakeholders.

Looking to establish the economic impact of your event? Or calculate your sponsors’ ROI then we’ll provide a consultancy service to help you develop an effective participant survey.

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